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New houses become smudged because of forgetting waterproofing

Buying a house with an eye-catching appearance, Ms. Ngan constantly had to hire a worker to patch up the patchy, watery areas on the ceiling.  Chi Ngan in District 4 (HCMC) bought the newly renovated two-story house Very new and beautiful. After watching the house, they felt satisfied about the interior, exterior and price, so they decided to buy it and move back in. But after half a year, the family saw stains on the ceiling in the living room, [...]

How to flood your house?

The simple and effective measures below will help your home get through the rainy season. Artwork Vietnam is a country with a hot and humid climate, located right next to the active area of ​​the air traffic stream, so it receives heavy rainfall every year, forcing us to find ways to live with the flooding situation. If in the past, this was quite an easy task, now, due to climate change, flooding has become one of the most feared "enemies", [...]